Launching for the 2016 The Players Cup Championship, PGAT redesigned the site with a new perspective and fresh appeal for the fans. Unfortunately the site that was designed did not fit into the framework that they had in development and was missing crucial breakpoints. By Choosing a more consistent aspect ration for images and the different components of the site we were able to cut development work and the design process in half as well as create consistency throughout the whole site. 

I played a key role in making sure the site was consistent though the four different breakpoint and fit within the perimeters of the framework chosen to develop the site.  

I also held responsibilities with the management of two designers to help edit sub-sequential pages for on time development, communication with the development team, client interactions, and answering any designs concerns from the client. By leading my design team and working closely with the project managers, developers, and the client we were able to deliver a cohesive design ahead of schedule.

The scope of work
• Updating existing designs to fit into the current framework
• Creating missing breakpoints and any other missing pages
• Working with developers to maintain consistency in the site when brought into production

Role: Ui Designer, Design Lead
Client: PGATour