Apparel Designs


Appeal Design

In working with myculture I have designed several different appeal and sticker designs for the company. The company is based on the motorsport of drifting, a sport hailing from Japan and gaining popularity all over the world.  I try to keep the fun and grass roots nature of the company in my design process, with concept work, material sourcing, and art direction of the photoshoots, to create compelling marketing materials. 

Role: Creative Director, Art Director, Illustrator

Client: myculture

Photo Credit to:
Jhonny Zhang


photo by Luis Ochao

The ヤバイ!!!(yabaii) shirt was custom made for the company. "ヤバイ" is a Japanese word literally meaning dangerous, but has been used as a slang in many different ways, one of which is similar to the american use of "dope" .


The myculture ugly x-mas sweater was an idea based off the many ugly sweater parties that have been gaining popularity in the recent years. I decided to blend themes of winter and south florida, where the company is based, to create a fun large print design.